Teeth Whitening Services In Winnipeg

When you look in the mirror and crack a smile, the colour of your teeth may be one of the first things that you see. But as we age, many of us notice that our teeth aren’t as white as they used to be.

At our dental office in Winnipeg, MB, we offer professional teeth whitening services for all of our patients. Our dentists aim to make this treatment as convenient, personalized, and comfortable as possible.

If you want to whiten your smile, you might be wondering what your options are. We’ll go over some of the most popular solutions for stained teeth, and what makes our services different:

Teeth Whitening Options

If you’ve whitened your teeth before, then you might already be familiar with most of the products you can find at drug stores. But perhaps you’ve noticed that the results leave something to be desired. Why is that?

Effectiveness of Over-the-Counter Products

Solutions that are too harsh may damage the tooth enamel. This leads to increased sensitivity, especially when consuming hot or cold beverages. The whitening strips that you find at drug stores can even be painful.

Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent used in many whitening products. However, when it comes to DIY solutions, many products contain unsafe levels of this product—or, the concentration is so weak that the product doesn’t work at all. Side effects include:

  • Gum irritation. If the teeth whitening products touch the gums, it can damage these delicate and sensitive tissues. This may lead to gum irritation or chemical burns. It’s important to protect the gums from teeth whitening agents, which is difficult to do with DIY products.
  • Ineffective results. One of the main drawbacks of over-the-counter products is the lack of results. This is due to their one-size-fits-all design, which doesn’t take into account the specific shades and sizes of your teeth.
  • Tooth sensitivity. Over-bleaching the teeth may damage the enamel. Unfortunately, tooth enamel cannot regenerate on its own—once it’s damaged, it’s gone for good.

These side effects are made even worse if products are overused or misapplied. Be sure to stop using any over-the-counter whitening products that cause these issues immediately, and consult your dentist if you have further concerns.

If you’re interested in teeth whitening, it’s best to do so under the guidance of an experienced dentist. We can inform you of how much product to apply, how long to leave it on, and important measures to take to minimize potential damage. With our customized take home solution, you can achieve the exact results that you desire.

How Do Teeth Whitening Services Work?

Most teeth whitening solutions are peroxide-based. They work by targeting stains on the teeth and breaking down these molecules. In turn, this lessens the appearance of stains on the enamel and dentin of your teeth.

What Stains Your Teeth?

The foods we eat and the liquids we drink affect the whiteness of our teeth. The following factors contribute to staining and discolouration:

  • The aging process. Our teeth naturally darken with age; it’s a fact of life, and nothing to be ashamed of! That being said, you may be interested in reversing those effects with teeth whitening.
  • Drinking red wine, tea, and coffee. Some of our favourite drinks are also some of the main contributors to a discoloured smile. If you want lasting results from your treatment, it may be time to give up your morning brew or dinner drink!
  • Tobacco. Smoking leads to teeth staining due to the tar and nicotine in the cigarettes.
  • Dark soda. Acidic, sugary drinks are bad news for your teeth. This is especially true with dark colas, which wear away tooth enamel due to their acidity, and stain teeth due to their dyes.
  • Medications. An unfortunate side effect of certain medications is that they cause tooth discolouration. This can cause problems for those who are required to take prescriptions due to health reasons.

By identifying the cause of tooth staining, you can adjust your daily routine to cut out harmful habits and maintain the whiteness of your smile.

Why You Should Use Our Services

At Fresh Dental, we do professional teeth whitening a little differently than most. Our services can address stains on natural teeth along with crowns or fillings. Here’s what makes our teeth whitening different:

Customized bleaching trays.

No two sets of teeth are the same—at Fresh Dental, we know that better than anyone! You need a whitening solution that fits the unique shape of your mouth. We’ll design a tray that attaches perfectly to your teeth, which you can use in the comfort of your own home.

A take home bleaching treatment.

Over-the-counter products only act to remove surface stains. But our professional whitening services go deeper than. Better yet, you can achieve these results in your home—you don’t need to apply the treatment in our office! This offers our patients total convenience, and gives them the freedom to whiten their teeth by themselves.

In-office whitening.

We also offer Philips Zoom whitespeed whitening.  The Zoom in-office tooth whitening procedure uses the Zoom advanced power chairside lamp to activate the 25% hydrogen peroxide whitening.  As the hydrogen peroxide is broken down, oxygen is entering the enamel and dentin to bleach the stained substances.

A consultation with one of our dentists will start the process and at that appointment we will decide if you are a candidate for zoom in-office whitening.   The complete procedure takes about 45 to 75 minutes.  We begin the procedure with a short preparation to cover the lips and gums, leaving the teeth exposed.   We then apply the zoom hydrogen-peroxide whitening gel.  The whitening gel stays in place for 15 minutes with the light activation.   At this time you can relax and listen to music.  The whitening gel is applied for 3-4 15 minute sessions.   After the procedure, we will apply a sensitivity-reducing fluoride paste.    You will go home with a Zoom home-use touch up kit that includes custom-fitted whitening trays.

Increase your self confidence.

Are you embarrassed by your teeth? Everyone deserves to feel confident when they smile, laugh, or speak. Teeth whitening can help you with that—this service can erase the stains that have accumulated over the years.

By scheduling our professional whitening services, you’ll see more dramatic results than you would with an over-the-counter solution.

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