Night guards and sport guards

Night Guards

Unlike the bones in our body, our teeth can’t repair themselves when they break. You can’t regenerate tooth structure that’s been chipped or worn away. We only get one set of permanent teeth, and it’s up to us to take good care of them.

But if your teeth are damaged, you’ll require dental services to repair them. What if you want to prevent damage in the first place? What can you do to protect your teeth?

A mouthguard is a dental appliance that shields your teeth against impacts or the forces of your jaws. You might have heard of a sports guard or a night guard before. While both of these oral appliances serve to protect your teeth, they’re made of slightly different materials, serve different purposes, and come at different price points.

Thinking about picking up a mouthguard in Winnipeg, MB? At our dental centre, we create custom-made mouthguards that can help with a range of issues.

Why Would I Need A Mouthguard?

Whether you deal with teeth grinding or you play a contact sport, mouthguards can help. A few signs that you might need a mouthguard include:

  • Jaw pain
  • Damaged teeth
  • Previous mouth injuries due to sports or other accidents
  • You’ve been diagnosed with bruxism (teeth grinding)

In these circumstances, a mouthguard can help preserve your smile:


If you play contact sports, then you know that injuries are part of the game. That being said, it’s still important to protect your body (and your teeth) as best as you can.

Teeth Grinding

If you grind your teeth only while you’re sleeping, how will you ever catch yourself doing it? Your dentist is usually the first one to spot signs of bruxism. They can identify teeth that are worn down or chipped from excessive grinding. If you share a bed with someone, they may hear you grinding your teeth at night.


At Fresh Dental, we see many patients who suffer from teeth grinding. One of the most popular and effective treatments for TMD is to wear a night guard. Reduce jaw pain associated with temporomandibular joint disorder by purchasing a custom mouthguard at Fresh Dental.

Sport Guards

Without sports guards, you could wind up with a knocked out tooth the next time you collide with another player. Those who play sports like hockey, football, and soccer should always wear a sports guard.

A sports guard offers protection for your teeth and gums. It covers everything from the bottom of your teeth to the top of your gums. They’re made of a slightly different material than a night guard. Be careful not to leave your sports guard on overnight, as it’s not intended for this purpose; doing so may damage your teeth.

Night Guards

Do you grind or clench your teeth while you sleep? If so, night mouthguards are essential for preventing damage.

These mouthguards are specifically designed to be worn during sleep. They protect your teeth, but leave your gums exposed; this prevents bacteria from sitting against your gums during your sleep.

Night guards need to be custom-made in a dental centre to fit your teeth and gums. They help your jaw relax during sleep and prevent teeth grinding so you can get a full night’s rest.

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A mouthguard, night guard, or sports guard can protect your teeth and jaw against damage.

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