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You want the best dental care for your child. We want to improve dental care for everyone in Winnipeg.

Together, we’ll make a great team!

We love kids. When you bring your child into our Winnipeg dental office, our goal is to ensure they have the most pleasant experience possible while we provide a high standard of dental care. We want your child to love visiting the dentist, and we want to help them (and you) start oral hygiene routines that will last their whole lives.

So come visit us at Fresh Dental. Your child’s first dental appointment under the age of three is free!

About pediatrics

Did you know children should have their first dental appointment before the age of one?

It’s true! Those baby teeth need special dental care. Pediatrics is a dental speciality – pediatric dentists have the experience and techniques to take care of children’s teeth. These techniques extend beyond oral health. They’re about having positive mannerisms, and making visits to the dentist fun!

Treatment options for kids


To ensure that your child’s teeth are coming in properly, we recommend a check-up every 6 months. During these check-up services, we can also make sure there are no other oral health problems – you’d be surprised how early gum disease can start occuring!

We can also give you and your child tips on how to maintain a good oral health routine. These check-ups will include a cleaning to get rid of any tartar and plaque.

Regular check-ups early in life can help reduce the risk of dental anxiety later in life. Best of all, they help us make sure your child’s adult teeth will grow in big and strong – and we recommend you tell your kids the same!

Dental fillings

Why fill a cavity on a baby tooth when it’s just going to fall out anyway?

Some teeth don’t fall out until kids are around 12 years old. If cavities aren’t treated, infection can spread, putting your child’s health at risk. By treating the cavity and filling the tooth, we help to preserve your child’s oral and general health.

Dental sealants

Proper oral hygiene can be hard to maintain for anyone – for kids, it can be particularly tough. And molars are the hardest teeth to care for!

When your child’s adult molars come in, we recommend using dental sealants. These sealants are easy to apply, and do an amazing job preventing cavities. In fact, according to the CDC: “School-age children without sealants have almost three times more cavities than children with sealants.”

Who doesn’t want their kid to be 3x less susceptible to cavities? Over time, dental sealants may help reduce the number of trips you have to take to the dentist. We’ll be honest, though – a lot of kids enjoy their trip to our dental clinic, so your child might be disappointed they don’t get to visit more often!

And a whole lot more!

From advice on pediatric orthodontics to emergency care, like tooth extractions, we take a holistic approach to your child’s oral health. If your child needs dental treatment, give us a call!

First visit under three is free!

We value your child’s oral health, and we want them to have a positive first experience at the dentist! Good habits and happy memories now can help improve their oral health for their whole life.

Is it your child’s first time visiting the dentist? Bring them to our clinic, and they’ll get their check-up absolutely free of charge.

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