Complete & Partial Dentures in Winnipeg

Dentures aren’t just for seniors—anyone can lose a tooth due to an injury, whether that’s from playing sports or tripping on the sidewalk! Even though missing teeth are relatively common, many people feel embarrassed about the gaps in their smiles. Dentures are a way to replace these gaps with functional, natural-looking teeth.

Missing teeth is a daily inconvenience. Spaces in your mouth can make it difficult to chew food, speak clearly, and smile confidently. To resolve these issues, you can invest in a set of dentures that are custom-made by a team of professional dentists.

We all need strong, healthy teeth to use throughout our lifetime. Consider a set of partial or complete dentures to help you with that.

Reasons for Dentures

Thinking about getting dentures? Dental technology has come a long way in recent years; dentures are more comfortable, functional, and natural-looking than ever before. You may require dentures for any of the following reasons:

Replace missing teeth

If you’re missing any teeth, then you understand what a nuisance it can be. Food gets stuck in the gaps, you may feel self-conscious about your smile, and you could have difficulty chewing food. Dentures can replace these missing teeth and get you back that beautiful smile.

Prevent the loss of facial bone structure

Did you know that missing teeth affect the overall structure of your face? This is perhaps one of the biggest detriments of missing teeth. Without teeth, the jaw bone is no longer stimulated by chewing. This leads to bone deterioration and sagging of the facial structure. But if you install implant-supported dentures, you can consistently stimulate the jaw bone and help to prevent this.

Improve the functionality of your mouth

Teeth do more than make up your smile—they also serve as important tools for speaking and chewing.

Gaps in your smile make it hard to consume the foods that you love. You may experience pain or discomfort when eating crunchy or tough foods. Dentures will shield your gums from sharp foods and help you eat pain-free.

Reduce pain from infected or decaying teeth

There comes a point where a tooth cannot be saved by a root canal; instead, it may require an extraction. Even though the idea of losing teeth can be daunting, it will prevent you from dealing with regular discomfort. With dentures, you can replace teeth that may be causing pain or self-consciousness.

Benefits of Dentures

For many people, dentures can improve their quality of life and increase their self-esteem. If you’re on the fence about investing in dentures, consider the following benefits:

Increase your confidence

Have you ever laughed out loud at a joke, only to feel suddenly embarrassed that people may be looking at your teeth? With dentures, you won’t need to hide your teeth when you’re having a good time. Many patients find that dentures boost their self-confidence, whether they’re in social situations or at the dinner table.

Our Winnipeg dentists will empower you to display your bright, shiny smile.

They’re sturdier than ever

In the past, many patients have been hesitant to get dentures—this is partially due to a fear that they’ll fall out when they chew, smile, or talk.

But recent innovations in dental technology have created a solution for this concern: implant-supported dentures. At Fresh Dental, we offer both implant-retained dentures (where a few implants help to secure the dentures) and implant-supported dentures (where the dentures are entirely supported by implants).

With an implant, an artificial root made from titanium is anchored into the jawbone. It creates a totally secure fit so that nothing will move around in your mouth during daily activities.

Complete dentures rely on your gums for support and suction to stay in place. This is not always possible for a variety of reasons. Non-ideal anatomy of the gums and bone is a common reason for an ill-fitting denture. Dry mouth is a common reason for having a loose denture.

Implants are an excellent adjunct to dentures.

Creating Your Set of Dentures

At Fresh Dental, we will carefully create a set of false teeth that will fit your mouth perfectly. We can design a set of partial dentures that attach between your natural teeth, or if you require a complete set, we can extract any remaining teeth, and once your gums have healed, create a full replacement set.

As your mouth adjusts to your dentures, it’s normal to experience gum irritation or have some difficulty speaking/chewing. However, these issues will diminish with time.

If you have trouble securing regular dentures in your mouth, try increasing your water intake to prevent having a dry mouth. Maintain a healthy, nutritious diet and take care of your oral hygiene. It will be important to see your Dentist on a regular basis to ensure your oral health and your dentures are optimal.

Differences Between Complete and Partial Dentures

There are two main types of dentures:

  • Partial dentures (partials): If you are missing several teeth, but still have natural ones remaining, a set of partial dentures can fill in those gaps. Since partial dentures have surrounding teeth for support, they tend to be more secure than complete dentures, especially when chewing or speaking. Partials attach to nearby teeth and are removed at night. We offer a variety of partial denture options for all of our patients.
  • Complete dentures: these sets are designed to replace an entire row of teeth. A Health Canada report revealed that 6.4% of Canadian adults have no natural teeth. In these circumstances, a complete set of dentures can be used to entirely replace a patient’s smile.

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When your dentures are custom-made by a team of experienced dentists, people won’t be able to tell the difference between them and natural teeth!

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