What Is The Most Common Dental Issue?

When it comes to visiting the dentist, many people wonder what they could face upon arrival in the reclining chair. From tooth decay to gum disease, knowing the most common dental problems and their solutions can put your mind at ease. There isn’t necessarily just one sign of poor oral health; there are many things that our patients typically have … Read More

Common Dental Emergencies


There’s nothing quite like a dental emergency to ruin your day. But the truth is that dental emergencies happen. And when they do, you need to know the proper steps to take and where to turn for help. In extreme cases where trauma has occurred to the face, including the mouth, it may be appropriate to call an ambulance or … Read More

Wisdom Teeth Removal: What You Need To Know

wisdom teeth

The back molars, also known as wisdom teeth, are normally the last adult teeth to erupt from your gums. People between the ages of 17 and 21 typically experience wisdom tooth growth in the top and bottom corners at the back of the mouth. Oftentimes people do not have adequate space for wisdom teeth which may lead to gum issues, … Read More

Pembina Dentist Acquires New Winnipeg Location

WINNIPEG, Manitoba:  Fresh Dental, located at 2195 Pembina Highway, is pleased to announce its official acquisition of Kenaston Village Dental Centre, located in Kenaston Village Mall at 1863 Grant Ave.  Starting in March of 2023, all of the dentists from Fresh Dental will have working hours at both locations.   With an emphasis on relationship-building and accessible dental services for all, … Read More

Flossing Tips

There’s no denying it: Flossing is one of the most important oral hygiene habits to practice. Unfortunately, many people either don’t floss correctly or don’t floss at all. Flossing is essential to remove harmful bacteria and reduce plaque build-up between teeth. Find the Right Floss Most floss types are thin, nylon strands that get pulled between teeth in an up-and-down … Read More

Electric Vs. Manual Toothbrush

Electric Vs. Manual Toothbrush

It may come as no surprise, but regularly brushing your teeth twice a day removes plaque and can prevent future oral health problems. Despite this obvious knowledge, many people don’t practice consistent teeth brushing. With so many toothbrushes available, knowing which option is the best for you can be challenging.  Should you use an electric or manual toothbrush?  Both kinds … Read More

Cavity Signs

Cavity Signs

One major lesson we learned as a kid is that frequent snacking on sugary foods and beverages can cause cavities, especially if you aren’t brushing and flossing twice a day. It can be hard to deny those sweet treats, which is why cavities are among some of the most common oral health problems. You’ll likely get at least one cavity … Read More

What Type Of Dentures Are The Best?


Are you in the process of considering dentures as a replacement for missing teeth? Dentures improve and assist your facial profile, making chewing, eating, and speaking easier.  Different types of dentures serve different purposes. Some dentures replace a few missing teeth, while others might replace all of your natural teeth. Scheduling a consultation with your dentist will provide you with … Read More

How Long After You Get An Extraction Can You Get An Implant?

How Long After You Get An Extraction Can You Get An Implant?

Undergoing oral surgery and receiving a tooth extraction can be an unpleasant experience. An even more unpleasant feeling is continuing your day-to-day with a missing tooth. Not only can it be uncomfortable, but it can also be inconvenient, especially when trying to eat or speak. It’s perfectly understandable why you’d want to fill that gap in your teeth as soon … Read More

Winnipeg Dental Clinic Invests In Staff Through Team-Building Activities

winnipeg dental

WINNIPEG, Manitoba:  At Fresh Dental, located at 2195 Pembina Highway, the staff recently went kayaking together.  In addition to combining cutting-edge technology with honesty and compassion, Fresh Dental makes teamwork a priority and truly invests in building relationships among its staff members, going beyond its professional routines.   When it comes to dental care, Fresh Dental has a lot to offer.  … Read More