Winnipeg Dental Clinic Invests In Staff Through Team-Building Activities

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WINNIPEG, Manitoba:  At Fresh Dental, located at 2195 Pembina Highway, the staff recently went kayaking together.  In addition to combining cutting-edge technology with honesty and compassion, Fresh Dental makes teamwork a priority and truly invests in building relationships among its staff members, going beyond its professional routines.  

When it comes to dental care, Fresh Dental has a lot to offer.  With four experienced and highly regarded dentists on staff, the clinic provides everything from pediatric dental services to implants and oral surgeries.  In addition, Fresh Dental is fully accessible and offers dental services in multiple languages, including German, Hebrew, Afrikaans, Korean and Russian.  

But one major element of Fresh Dental that can’t be found in a five-star patient review is that they invest in staff team building.  This fact makes owner Dr. Bergen glow with pride.  He believes that strong teamwork is the foundation of any successful business and invests time and money into actively cultivating healthy staff relationships.  

Dr. Bergen notes that many employers talk about nurturing a team culture without actually taking action to make it happen.  Fresh dental decided to do something concrete.  “We did a kayaking team-building activity recently,” says Dr. Bergen.  “We rented kayaks from Type Eh, a small local start-up.  We launched just off of St. Anne’s on the Seine River.  We had a two-hour paddle, then rewarded ourselves with Pizza afterwards.”

While the outcomes of team building may not be as measurable as the results of filling a cavity or completing a root canal, Fresh Dental feels the positive impacts on a daily basis and plans to continue investing in its staff.  

Fresh Dental is currently accepting new patients and may be adding to its staff team in the future.  For more information about Fresh Dental and the services it provides, visit