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We tailor treatment to your individual needs and give you options to fit your budget. Our fees are coincidental with the Manitoba Dental Association fee guide.


Your time is valuable. We have evening and weekend hours to suit you. We bill directly to your insurance company, saving you time and frustration.

No insurance?

Dental treatment should be accessible to all. We’re partners with Dental Card, a finance company that breaks bulk payments into smaller, manageable payments.


Tooth coloured fillings

Also known as dental composite fillings. The colour of the filling is customized and so blends seamlessly with the existing tooth giving the appearance of a natural tooth. These fillings bond to tooth structure and allow us to conserve tooth structure when compared to silver fillings.

Learn more about fillings


Implants are artificial roots, which our dentists surgically place into the jaw.  These implants can support a crown, a bridge or help to secure a denture.

Learn more about implants


Cleanings are an integral part of preventive care.  Our hygienists are gentle, yet effective at removing tarter and stain from your teeth.

Learn more about cleanings

Crowns and bridges

Crowns are often necessary when the remaining natural tooth structure is not enough to adequately support a composite filling or on back teeth that have been treated by root canals.

Learn more about crowns and bridges

Root canals

A root canal is the procedure of replacing the damaged or infected nerve of a tooth.

Learn more about root canals

Complete and Partial Dentures

Crowns are often necessary when the remaining natural tooth structure is not enough to adequately support a composite filling or on back teeth that have been treated by root canals.

Learn more about dentures

Implant retained dentures

Complete dentures rely on your gums for support and suction to stay in place.  This is not always possible for a variety of reasons.  Non-ideal anatomy of the gums and bone is a common reason for an ill-fitting denture.  Dry mouth is a common reason for having a loose denture.

Learn more about retained dentures

Cosmetic procedures

We offer customized take home solutions to whiten teeth in the convenience of your home and other procedures.

Learn more about cosmetic procedures

Minor tooth movement clear aligners

Crooked teeth have many drawbacks.  They can be considered to be unesthetic and be more difficult to clean and maintain.

Learn more about clear aligners

Night guards and sport guards

Night guards
Sleep grinding is very common. Over time, this can be quite destructive to your teeth and supporting structures.  A bruxism splint or night guard can help to reduce or eliminate this damage.

Learn more about guards


Emergencies are a fact of life and they happen.  They include but are not limited to severe tooth or gum pain, trauma to the mouth and swelling in and around the mouth.

Learn more about emergencies

Nitrous oxide sedation

Nitrous oxide is gas that has been used to reduce anxiety for patients for over a century.

Learn more about sedation

Dentistry for children

We aim to make our youngest patients as comfortable as possible and do everything we can to create a fun and stress-free experience.

Learn more about dentistry for children

Wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom teeth often do not erupt in an ideal way. Impaction is a term you may be familiar with. An impacted wisdom tooth cannot fully come into the mouth because something else is in the way.

Learn more about wisdom tooth removal

Oral surgery

We advocate for saving teeth whenever possible but sometimes a tooth extraction is necessary. When necessitated we strive to make it as comfortable an experience as possible.

Learn more about oral surgery
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Hours of Operation

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